Cure Pharmaceuticals

Cure Pharmaceutical was facing the fact that their website did not convey the innovative product and technology that they offered in a professional way.

Having recently been publicly traded, the site needed an overhaul to stay in step with their new status. An audit revealed that it was weighed down with too much text and had no real focus or call to action, as well as used an abundance of stock photography that added to a cheaper look and feel.

Cure needed a site that could be viewed by large pharmaceutical companies and set them apart from the competition as having a unique drug delivery system. The product required a more legitimate look to get out to the markets they focused on, pediatric, veterinary, and geriatric.

The new site focused the messaging on being more concise, and the stock images were replaced with video taken on location at Cure. The site is now more tech and science-centric and presents Cure Pharmaceutical as a focused, leading force in the industry. Some added features were also integrated into the site, including web analytics to gain insights on visitors, CRM, SEO, and remarketing.