Our Story


UNINCORPORATED™ creative studio was founded in 2003 and has grown into a reputable independent media, design and production company with headquarters in the Arts District, Los Angeles, CA. We are proud to offer a full range of creative solutions in print/web design, photography/video production, and silkscreen/digital printing.

UNINCORPORATED™ (aka UN) is led by Ian Evenstar and comprised of artists, designers, photographers, producers and developers. Everyone at UN is serious about craft, creation and community. UN’s mission is to be the first full service creative agency to offer an entire spectrum of digital and analog media arts; we strive to be the “Google” of creative services.

Aside from offering our services to our clients, we also have a retail store that features UNINCORPORATED™ art, music, clothing, and skateboards. Click here to see our products.



Ian previously worked as the Director of Design for the USC Design Studio and as an Art Director for a boutique advertising agency in Hollywood. After working in both the in-house and advertising environments, he honed his artistic and leadership skills. Now, as a creative professional with over 15 years experience, Ian has won several national and international awards for branding, design and marketing. He holds a BFA from USC in photography and design. His fine art (photography and video installations) have been curated in national exhibitions.

For his innovation and creativity, he received the In-House Design Award from HOW Magazine and the Cardinal Award for USC Auxiliary Services in 2010. He was also honored with the Silver Create Award from Brahn Communications in 2008. With a strong work ethic and aptitude for the advertising industry, Ian plans to continue to be creative and make differences for his clients by providing the highest quality creative services.

Ian makes an excellent director of UNINCORPORATED, LLC because he is an expert in the full spectrum of creative services that the studio offers. As an expert in these service industries, he secures and manages several high-end luxury accounts and major brands. He also oversees the creative direction for the studio and manages daily operations.

My creative efforts are driven by a personal mission of creating work that inspires others and fulfills the soul. To this end, I aim at always learning, always sharing, always delivering on time and under budget, and of course, always staying on task. Without compromise, I put the quality of the work ahead of personalities and progressively seek out opportunities to help others grow. I am motivated by purpose, mastery, accountability, and autonomy.



  1. always strive to do our client’s best work.
  2. see every challenge as an opportunity for growth.
  3. listen and look for the solution within the process.
  4. remain humble and open-minded.
  5. let quality lead, not opinions or egos.
  6. remain thoughtful about what we make.
  7. stay sharp and conscious with our words.
  8. focus on the details, but see the big picture.
  9. don’t worry about what we like, do what works.
  10. keep a beginner’s mind at all times.