2018 The American Advertising Awards – ADDY

Public Service Brochure – Iovine & Young Academy

Iovine and Young Brochure - ADDY winner


Recognize and reward the creative spirit of excellence in the art of advertising.

The American Advertising Awards

The Los Angeles Advertising Awards took place at the Fonda Theatre downtown
UN's CEO, Art Director and Senior Developer were there to represent the team

At UNINCORPORATED, we always strive to do our client’s best work. It’s one of our brand promises, and one we take seriously.

When working with USC’s Iovine and Young Academy, we seized the opportunity to create a visual identity that was impactful, meaningful, and creative. Using bright colors and abstract shapes, we created an identity that was vibrant and suggestive, embodying the innovation that people expect from a school of design, technology, and business. The brochure was the first expression of this new identity: a balance of bold colors, shapes, and surprising details that made you want to lean in and explore more.

Our clients were thrilled with the result, and we were excited to submit the piece to the American Advertising Awards for 2018. Winning an ADDY and seeing our work recognized for its excellence in branding and design was an inspiring experience. Sitting in the Fonda Theater among some advertising giants (and a few heroes!) and celebrating the stories and work from all around LA was a reminder of why we exist.